24 Hour Emergency & Critical Care

We are always on site, every hour of every day.

We are always on site, every hour of every day. This enables us to provide the best level of care for your pet, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Hospitalisation and Critical Care

We rigorously monitor our hospitalised patients, from post-operative patients to those requiring intensive care. Our whole facility has been designed to fulfil the special needs of many different species and we provide separate, quiet wards for cats, dogs and exotics to keep stress levels to a minimum.

Emergency Care

We accept and treat patients 24 hours a day and always have an experienced vet and nurse on site who are specifically trained to deal calmly with these difficult occasions.

Visiting Hours

We know how hard it can be leaving your furry friend in a strange place and so we encourage visits from our patients' families at a time to suit you, day or night. Stay as long as you want, and relax on the couch in a private room with a cup of tea while you spend time with your pet.

Continuous Care

No more visits to a night service in another practice! Once registered with us as a regular client you will never have to move your hospitalised pet to another facility just so they can be cared for overnight.