Introducing The London Animal Hospital

We’re delighted to announce the coming launch of our brand new hospital – open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Why should I pre-register?

Good question. Pre-registering might sound a bit odd, but not only will it allow us to get to know you better and more quickly from the moment we open our doors, it allows us to reward you too!

So what could you get for pre-registering today?

  • One lucky person will win our incredible Golden Ticket - free lifetime care for your pet up to £10,000. This can be used however you see fit; whether in times of emergency or staggered across your pet’s life to pay for general consults, vaccinations or even food Terms & Conditions apply.
  • All registration members will receive 50% off consultations for the first three months.
  • An invitation to our exclusive launch party - with a tour of the premises, a meet and greet with our lovely staff, pet portraits and of course, some drinks and nibbles.


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What happens next?

Thank you for entering our contest and good luck! One of our team will give you a call to take some further details