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Travelling from UK Airports with your Pets

For those planning to relocate abroad it seems there are millions of things to do and sort out. It may be onerous enough a task organising travel for all the family members without the realisation that you have to find out what to do if you are planning to take your pet with you. We’ve put together a guide which will help you along the way and hopefully make the whole thing less stressful for you and your pet.


Golden Ticket

One lucky person will win our incredible Golden Ticket - free lifetime care for your pet up to £10,000. This can be used however you see fit; whether in times of emergency or staggered across your pet’s life to pay for general consults, vaccinations or even food.

Should I brush my dog's teeth?

With around 80% of dogs over the age of 2 showing signs of dental disease and most insurance companies not covering for treatment, it’s important to start a home dental care plan early on in your dog's life. Dental disease occurs when tartar builds up on the teeth and causes inflammation of the gum line, known as gingivitis. Left untreated, this painful condition will destroy the teeth and gums and may even cause an abscess to form within the tooth root. This infection easily tracts into the bloodstream and in extreme cases can cause heart problems.

Exciting News At The London Animal Hospital

Last month we welcomed two new staff members, Sarah and Jenny. Sarah is a student veterinary nurse from the RVC. Emma, her clinical coach will be teaching her practical skills in blocks in between her theory study at the college. Her bright personality and willingness to get stuck in has been a real help to the nursing team out the back. Jenny, Mum of two is helping out part time two days a week. She previously worked for Companion Care in Luton before going on maternity leave to start a family. Her skills have become a great asset to our team.

Arthritis in pets

Osteoarthritis is a very common affliction, affecting a large proportion of our older pets as well as some younger animals who may have suffered an injury, undergone surgery or been born with a joint defect. As the owner of an elderly arthritic dog myself, I have seen firsthand how severe OA can affect not only the life of a pet but also the life of an owner as we struggle to find ways to accommodate Hayes’ pain and stiffness. This has spurred me on to research the latest treatment regimes for OA in an effort to not only treat but improve her condition. Since integrating some changes into her lifestyle we have seen a large improvement, she is a much happier and more active dog and we can rest easy knowing we are doing all we can for her (until the next therapeutic development!).